The learned visitors are welcome to the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB).


Institution Of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB) is a largest professional organization of Bangladesh is working for the professional development of its member engineers & others whose are engaged in the field of engineering, and to create a better professional environment, to establish international linkage & recognition for Technical Education. IDEB is also working with national & international organization for the exchange of professional knowledge, and entrepreneurship development. It has continuous training program for capacity development, capacity building of its member engineers & workforce of national development. It has continuous efforts for transformative TVET knowledge and skill competencies for current & future world of work. IDEB believes education is for skill and skill culture for prosperity, IDEB has unparalleled organizational capacity to mobilize its members’ activities and advocacy issues in Bangladesh and other concern countries.


IDEB was established on 8 November 1970 with the philosophy "protect the interest of the nation to establish individual rights", hence it has established on the philosophy that 75% of activities for the nation and people's welfare, leaving 25% for the member engineers' welfare. IDEB is completely a non-political professional organization. IDEB has the pride to join in the great liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.